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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Remote Control Boats - Four Styles to Suit Different Needs

Sail boats

With summer  here plenty of people will be spending hours at the beach, in their pool, or basically enjoying their yard pond. Remote control boats can add a fun & fascinating dimension to that familiar water wonderland for people of all ages & both sexes. Remote control boats come in a variety of shapes & sizes & styles. Here are a number of the different kinds of remote control boats obtainable & waiting to be part of your summer entertainment.

Pirate Ships, War Ships

Perhaps you cannot afford a actual sailboat to board & take that cruise around the lake, but having a remote controlled sailing yacht can be  as much fun. Designed to look like miniatures of the actual thing these fun little battery operated boats can be sailed in your yard pool or pond & even at the beach allowing your kid to be the envy of their friends.

For those who like adventure on the high seas there is a choice of war ships & pirate ships all prepared assembled & prepared to sail. Choosing of these remote control boats will let you spend time doing over sitting in the sun. The detail on these ships are amazing making them even more fun to make use of.

Racing Pushball Boats

Individuals who love the spirit of competition will love having a set of racing pushball boats. These boats are designed to either race another in a little friendly competition to see who can make their boat go the quickest to the finish line or you can use the special detachable nets on the front of the boat to push the ball the through the water. Be advised though that playing pushball with these boats will check your skill at steering in order to keep sending that ball back to your opponent.

For The More Expert Remote Controller

The more expert remote controller will enjoy the three in one flying boat. This boat can be used on land, in water, & in the air. However, flying this boat may show a little tricky for the novice at working with remote control toys so it is best not to put this boat airborne until you gain some experience. Even expert remote controllers who are used to flying remote controlled planes will find that this boat handles differently so will show a brand spanking new challenge.

These are a number of the choices you have when choosing a remote control boat to add that additional little bit of excitement to your summertime fun. There's lots of boats that you can select from & surprisingly plenty of are moderately priced at under $100.00. Some companies even sell these boats assembled with every thing you need to start on this great new hobby, which means you won't be spending time putting these boats together.